#DemandCivility: Report Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

Following the November 8 presidential election, the level of discriminatory and harassing words and conduct directed at people of color, LGBT people, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities and women has risen to a fevered pitch, with hundreds of incidents reported in the first few days after the election

This prejudice is illegal, it is uncivil, and we must be ready to combat it and shame it at every opportunity. Openly discriminatory and harassing words and behavior are are NOT matters of opinion and are not protected as an exercise of First Amendment rights.

To start attacking this hatred from taking hold in workplaces, we first have to know about it. If your incident was workplace-specific: that is, it happened at work, or involved a coworker, supervisor, or boss, then we would like to hear about it. This information will be kept confidential and not be disclosed without your permission, and does not obligate you to take legal action or file a workplace complaint.

Your report will inform subsequent actions and help us develop the best strategy for continuing efforts to defeat discrimination and harassment at work.

Please #DemandCivility and tell us what is happening in your workplace!

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