Democratise to Decarbonise: transforming democracy to save the planet

In a democracy, we elect a government to make laws and policies that protect our wellbeing and that of our children.

But despite grand promises at election time, successive UK governments have ignored decades of public pressure to act on climate breakdown.

To decarbonise we have to democratise.

Our medieval political system must be updated so politicians do what people want, not their party.  

Join us in demanding a binding Citizens’ Assembly to bring together people from all walks of life to redesign British democracy from the bottom up, so we can never be ignored again.

A Citizens' Assembly is:

Representative: A large gathering of people, selected by lottery like jury service, who mirror the country in terms region, race, gender, age and income

Inclusive and informed: People are paid and offered other forms of support so they can take part. To inform their discussion they hear from a range of specialists and people affected by the issue.

Powerful: After debating the issue over a series of sessions the Assembly delivers its recommendations to Westminster, which will pledge to act on the proposals.

Citizens’ assemblies have been used across the world to make decisions on climate policy, pensions reform and social care. In Ireland Assemblies broke through political deadlock and delivered real change on marriage equality and abortion rights.