Tell the Department of Justice: Prosecute Big Oil!

Big Oil corporations have been illegally conspiring to raise the price of oil, costing Americans thousands of dollars a year.

When Pioneer Natural Resources, the largest oil company in Texas, tried to merge with ExxonMobil, the Federal Trade Commission discovered evidence that Pioneer was illegally colluding with OPEC, the oil cartel that includes Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, to keep prices high.

US oil producers are explicitly prohibited by federal law from price fixing and from taking actions that restrict competition.

But Pioneer CEO and GOP mega-donor Scott Sheffield was caught red-handed coordinating production strategies in private messages to Oil Ministers in the Middle East, to keep prices artificially high.

In addition to the direct price increases at the gas pump, many of the higher prices we’ve faced, from groceries to food delivery, come back to the increased price of oil.

Higher prices are not, as we're sometimes told, simply the result of government spending, or the invisible hand of the market.

Real human hands are involved here -- including CEOs that send texts to oil ministers about how they should work together to keep prices high.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already made an example of Sheffield and Pioneer. Sheffield was barred from working for Exxon, and Exxon was banned from appointing top Pioneer executives for five years. It also referred the case to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

The DoJ must pick this case up, and investigate and prosecute any American oil executives caught illegally colluding to keep gas prices high!

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