Application - DSA International Committee

We welcome all DSA members interested in global solidarity to please fill out this application to apply to join DSA's International Committee (IC) via one or more of the subcommittees listed below.

Please note that members of the IC are expected to attend regular meetings and contribute to active campaigns. Those who are unable to participate minimally as described in IC membership guidelines may be dropped from relevant subcommittees.

Finally, while the IC plans to open to full membership, we will be doing so in stages as we build capacity. To the extent possible the IC will strive for gender and racial equity. In accordance with 2019 Convention commitments, as the IC expands, "the committee shall privilege applicants to the IC who are undocumented workers, migrant workers, immigrants, or the children thereof."

Membership applications will be reviewed and final decisions made by Subcommittee co-chairs, in consultation with representatives of the IC Steering Committee and Secretariat. We carefully review every submission, so please fully complete the application form.

Important: Applicants must be DSA members in good standing. Please use the email associated with your DSA membership when applying. Using another email can delay or even invalidate your application. Visit DSA's FAQ for questions about your membership status.