Education Secretary Damian Hinds: urgently fund education for children with special needs

Damian Hinds, there’s an emergency happening under your watch.

According to the Department for Education’s own figures, more than 2,000 children in England with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are awaiting provision.

As 91% of schools continue to face billions in budget cuts, the Government is failing to provide the funding necessary for schools and local councils to give children with SEND adequate support. Nationally school cuts are leading to losses of staff, equipment and care required to safeguard children with the most complex needs in the classroom.

The Government has a basic duty to make sure all children can access school but instead it’s failing thousands of children who just want to learn.

In our country education for every child is a fundamental expectation. We shouldn’t accept anything less. That’s why as heads, teachers, support staff and parents we’re urging you to:

  • Properly fund SEND in all schools/colleges, ensuring no child has to wait for a place in school

  • Give funding back to local authorities so they can commission SEND support and services in line with what children in their community need

Thank you,

The undersigned

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