Elect Socialists February 2nd Day of Action: #Sanctuary4All

In 2019 we have a chance to shift the balance of power in Chicago by mobilizing thousands of working class people to fight for our values and elect socialists to city hall. As socialists, we stand for #Housing4All, #Sanctuary4All, and #Education4All, and we can win these foundations for a just society if we organize to #TaxtheRich.


  • Empower a Civilian Police Accountability Council
  • Abolish ICE and Stop Deportations
  • Erase Gang Database
  • No Cop Academy
  • Invest in Mental Health Services

Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th Ward, Pilsen

Byron's neighborhood has been in the crosshairs of big developers in the city for years. For a decade Byron has worked tirelessly to keep rampant capitalism from destroying his community and displacing his neighbors. Byron and his comrades have helped stem the tide of hyper-gentrification. As Alderman he will be able to continue the defense of his community, and champion housing as a human right.

Rossana Rodriguez, 33rd Ward, Albany Park

Rossana believes that "Because we are humans, we have the right to a good life. We have a right to the resources that we create." She has fought for these rights her entire life, from resisting privatization in Puerto Rico, to defending tenants in Albany Park. Rossana knows that the ruling class won't just give us the fruits of our labor, we need to claim them.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 35th Ward, Logan Square

Throughout his first term as Carlos has constantly defended the interests of working class, and as a result the ruling class of Chicago has put a target on his back, going so far as to kick him out of the Latino Caucus. Carlos has shown the entire city what just one principled socialist can accomplish, against all odds, in City Hall. With more socialists alongside him, we can shift the balance of power in Chicago out of the hands of the ruling elite, and into our own.

Ugo Okere, 40th Ward, Lincoln Square

Ugo is an immigrant and socialist running for Alderman in the 40th Ward. He's fighting for co-governance, equity, and interconnected struggle. Ugo is committed to fighting for a program that will deliver a Chicago For All Of Us.

Jeanette Taylor, 20th Ward, Woodlawn

Jeanette is a working class organizer, radicalized after being faced with the racist cruelties of Chicago's neoliberal turn for the last two decades. She has long proven her effectiveness at organizing around community needs. She is running a campaign to bring formerly ignored and disenfranchised voices of Chicago's working class into the political process, using her office as a tribune and platform for those concerns.

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