When Trump Closes Doors, We Open Them...

Currently, a caravan of refugees from various parts of Central America is headed to the U.S. border to request asylum after traveling thousands of miles to escape violence in their home countries. In response to threats and intimidation from the Trump administration designed to scare refugees into turing back around, SURJ has been asked to support folks on the caravan by connecting them with volunteer sponsors in the U.S. in order to give them a chance to get out of detention and plead their case for asylum.

In this critical moment in U.S. history, millions of people are outraged by these actions and are looking for something to do to end this policy. Along with many other acts of solidarity taking place across the country, you can sign up using this form to help raise funds to support families being held in detention, engage in organizing to help get folks released, or even volunteer as a "sponsor" for an individual or a family seeking a safer life in the U.S.

Simply check the boxes on this form to let us know what support you're able to provide, and we'll follow up with you within a few days with next steps. (Please be patient -- we'll follow up with you as soon as we can, but it will probably take a little while!)

If you'd like to financially support folks who have already been released from detention and who are building a life for themselves in the U.S., you can support via any of the fundraising links on this page.

*Note: please only check the box labeled "sponsorship" if you are a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (per government rules about who can legally serve as a sponsor).*

**Note: there is no way to sponsor children/minors (under age 18) who have been separated from their parents. Sponsorship is only an option for single adults over the age of 18 or parents with children.**