Tell President Biden: End the Forever War

For two decades now, our government has sent U.S. military service members to fight in an ever-expanding, global conflict.

Thousands of Americans and countless civilians have died, trillions of dollars have been wasted, and entire regions of the world have been destabilized. Instead of making us safer, this reckless conflict has militarized our society, fed xenophobia and hate here in the U.S., and created more extremism abroad. The frustrated Veterans who fought call this the “Forever War” — but together, we have the power to end it.

We need to bring our troops home. We need to stop bombing other countries. And we need to spend the trillions of dollars that we’re wasting on the Forever War here at home instead, making investments that benefit working Americans like COVID relief, green jobs, healthcare, and more.

We’re calling on President Biden to use his power as Commander in Chief to review all military deployments around the world, bring our troops home as safely, responsibly and quickly as possible, and finally bring the decades-long Forever War to an end.

We have the momentum, but we need you. The only way we'll be able to convince the Biden Administration to end the Forever War is by having as much support as possible from the people of this country. Will you sign our petition calling on President Biden to end the Forever War now?