Stop Sexual Harassment and Exploitation on the Job by Ending Forced Arbitration!

The #MeToo movement is empowering some women in California to speak out against sexual harassment at work. From Hollywood to the halls of the Capitol, real change is happening.

But for far too many women in low-wage jobs just trying to make enough to get by, a little-known rigged system is silencing them on the job and allowing their harassers free rein to abuse them over and over again.

It’s called forced arbitration and it’s a scourge on millions of working women who face harassment, exploitation and abuse daily.

Here’s how the scheme works: Corporations are forcing workers to sign "agreements" that effectively waive basic worker protections as a condition of being hired. These agreements are usually buried in the fine print so workers don’t even know what they’re signing. As many as 2/3 of workers employed by large corporations are forced to waive their rights to get a job, often in low-wage industries like restaurants and retail.

Sexually harassed on the job? Cheated out of pay? Forced arbitration agreements rob workers of the option to take their employer to court or to the Labor Commissioner to file a complaint when their rights have been violated. Want to go through the arbitration process? Good luck navigating a rigged system the employer controls. Making matters worse, the entire arbitration process is cloaked in secrecy. So for millions of low-wage women, going through arbitration to stop harassment, wage theft or abuse isn’t even an option. Sign one piece of paper when you get a job, and the deck is immediately stacked against you.

It’s time to put an end to this rigged system that revictimizes women again and again. It’s time to ensure perpetrators of harassment are held accountable so they aren’t able to keep harassing women at will.

No worker should unknowingly lose her rights in the fine print. AB 3080 would put an end to corporate bosses making workers sign these shady agreements as a condition of employment. It’s great that change is happening in the power corridors of Sacramento and the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. Now it’s time for justice for the millions of working women locked in a system completely rigged against them!

Take Action: Sign the petition today to demand the California legislature stand with working women and against sexual harassment by putting an end to forced arbitration!

*The Labor Federation is collecting stories of folks who have been forced to sign one of these agreements as a condition of employment. If you have been affected by these agreements, please check the boxes on the form to the right. You can also email us: We will never share your information without your consent.

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