Endorse our 2023 Policy Priorities

We’re charting a new course for California -- one that tackles our state’s housing shortage and affordability crisis head-on. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce our 2023 policy priorities.

With your support, California YIMBY will be advocating for policies that support the following themes during the 2023 legislative session:

  1. Climate-safe housing:

  2. By making it faster, cheaper, and easier to build more homes in walkable neighborhoods, and in areas close to jobs, good schools, and transit, we can provide more climate-safe housing and reduce the risk of catastrophic losses due to climate change. Our legislative priorities will focus on increasing infill housing that enables more Californians to live in areas that are not at risk of wildfires, floods, and other climate disasters – while limiting sprawl into high-risk areas that put too many Californians in harm’s way. This will also reduce climate pollution from long commutes, preserve valuable open space and farm lands, and make our state more resilient to climate change.

  3. Building on success:

  4. Many of our bedrock housing laws have begun to make a difference, and can be streamlined and strengthened to ensure they continue to deliver on the promise of more homes for Californians at all income levels. Our legislative activities in this area will focus on updating critical, pro-housing laws that make it easier to build homes like ADUs and missing-middle housing for workers; to close loopholes some cities use to block more homes; and adjust existing housing regulations to market realities.

  5. New pathways to homeownership:

  6. The dream of homeownership remains out of reach for too many Californians, especially communities of color. Homeownership is a critical component to helping families achieve financial security, while providing stable housing at a fixed cost. Our legislative activities in this area will focus on creating new pathways to homeownership, including both land use and financial reforms, for the vast majority of working Californians who earn a good salary, but who are shut out of homeownership by the housing shortage and resulting high home prices.
If you’re as ready as we are to pass these reforms in Sacramento in 2023, endorse our policy priorities today »
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