Endorse our Sponsored Legislation for 2022

California YIMBY is thrilled to introduce our sponsored bill for 2022 -– bills that will go a long way towards increasing housing production and solving our state’s affordability crisis.

If you’re as excited as we are to turns these bills into law, take a moment to endorse our sponsored legislation for 2022 »

  • SB 886 (Wiener) helps universities build student housing faster and at lower cost by streamlining the environmental review process for housing on university-owned land that is not at high risk of wildfire or in a sensitive habitat.

  • AB 889 (Gipson) increases transparency in housing ownership by requiring corporate and institutional housing investors to report exactly who owns and profits from the properties they buy and rent to tenants in California.

  • AB 2097 (Friedman) reduces housing costs and air pollution by eliminating expensive parking mandates on new homes built near high-quality transit.

  • AB 2221 (Quirk-Silva) accelerates building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs, aka granny flats or casitas) by clarifying ambiguities in existing law and removing arbitrary barriers that some cities have imposed on ADU development.

  • AB 2873 (Jones-Sawyer) advances diversity, equity, and inclusion by requiring developers that receive state affordable housing dollars to report if the firms they contract with are owned and operated by people of color, women, or LGBTQ+ people.

  • SCA 2 (Allen) places an Article 34 repeal measure on the ballot. Article 34, which passed in 1950, gives wealthy neighborhoods veto power over affordable housing and worsens racial segregation.

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