Endorse The Fight to Fund Our Future!

As our public schools and colleges in Massachusetts continue to scrape by with the bare minimum, Beacon Hill lawmakers are getting ready for a school funding debate that could drastically improve how our schools and colleges are funded, or not.

But labor unions, faith institutions, and community organizations from across the state are fighting back by endorsing and joining the Fund Our Future campaign!

We’ve launched the Fund Our Future campaign by filing the Promise Act (SD 101/HD 434) to fund K-12 public schools and the Cherish Act (SD 740/HD 1178) to fund public higher education.

After you've filled out this form, can you share the Fund Our Future petition with your membership to add to the list of more than 15,000 people across the state who are demanding we Fund Our Future! Click here to sign and share the Fund Our Future petition.

We’re calling on the Legislature to make this major reinvestment in public education this spring – in time for local communities to include the funding in the next academic year’s budget and in time for public college students to avoid tuition and fee hikes this fall.

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