Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene: Sign the Open Letter from American Jews to Congress

To the Members of the U.S. Congress,

For American Jews, this is not a tough call: Marjorie Taylor Greene is a racist and an antisemite and should be expelled from Congress.

We are pleased to see Democratic lawmakers, including Jewish members like Ted Deutch, taking steps to make that happen. We sign this open letter in full support of their efforts to expel her from Congress as soon as possible.

How many more headlines, citing the words of a sitting Congresswoman must we endure before our leaders use the tools at their disposal to strip her of her power? Nothing about her hatred and belief in dangerous conspiracy theories is subtle.

Her racism and Islamophobia before she was elected were not subtle: she said Black people were “slaves to the Democratic party” and should feel “proud” to see Confederate monuments; she said “There is an Islamic invasion into our government offices right now” after the elections of Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar; She called one of the student activists from Parkland high school “little Hitler.” And since her election, she has stoked conspiracies that led neo-Nazis to take over the Capitol and put her colleagues at risk by refusing to follow public health guidelines and wear a damn mask.

Her antisemitism is not subtle: She has falsely claimed that George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, turned fellow Jews over to the Nazis. She regularly calls him “the enemy of the people” and accused him of “fund[ing] the destruction of America.” She has also promoted a video about the antisemitic 'White Genocide' conspiracy theory when Nick Griffin — a Holocaust denier and member of the fascist British National Party — says an “unholy alliance of leftists, capitalists and Zionist supremacists have schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation.”

And now she’s been caught promoting the outlandish idea that wildfires in California are caused by a Jewish space laser. It would be laughable if conspiracies like this had not gotten Jews killed in painfully recent memory.

While we clearly call for her expulsion, too many Jewish leaders and institutions are simply calling for “investigations” or vague “consequences.” This begs the question: where were these leaders when activists were raising the alarm about Greene’s racism and antisemitism months ago? If they had spent half as much time working to keep her out of power — and fighting the white nationalists in the Republican Party — as they do smearing progressive critics of Israeli policies as antisemites, she would not be in Congress today.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's actions are not those of one bad apple — they are an indictment on the entire Republican Party today.

The time for words is over. The time for action is now.

We call on Congress to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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