Tell Facebook: Make Donald Trump’s ban permanent

After the deadly siege of the United States Capitol in January, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Donald Trump used Facebook “to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.” Facebook then banned Trump, but now is preparing to welcome him back to the platform.

Facebook announced that they would possibly reinstate Trump on the platform after just a two-year suspension.

In the months since the January 6 insurrection, Donald Trump has continued to spew election lies, extreme rhetoric, and dangerous conspiracy theories. How can anyone say he won’t just pick up where he left off if he’s allowed back on Facebook?

The Oversight Board specifically stated in their ruling that Trump should only be reinstated if he had changed such behavior to eliminate the risk of further harm: “Facebook must assess whether reinstating Mr. Trump’s accounts would pose a serious risk…Facebook should, for example, be satisfied that Mr. Trump has ceased making unfounded claims about election fraud in the manner that justified suspension on January 6.”

It’s unconscionable for Facebook to reinstate Trump. We demand Facebook make his ban permanent. Sign if you agree >>

By reinstating Trump, Facebook would be handing him the megaphone through which he incited an insurrection – and all without implementing meaningful design or enforcement changes to prevent the worst from happening again.

Facebook is putting American lives and democracy at risk. We refuse to accept that as the cost of business. We urge Facebook to reverse their decision and permanently ban Donald Trump from the platform.

SIGN NOW: Facebook must make Donald Trump’s ban permanent!