D.U.E. JUSTICE ADVANCEMENT STRATEGY - 2018: Join us for the next DUE Justice planning meeting where we will map next steps.

FRIDAY, FEB. 16th @ 1:30 PM

CEA- 21 Oak St, Hartford, CT 06106 Room 1A  get directions

Please let us know if you can attend in person or by phone. (call in number sent upon registration)

D.U.E. Justice groups are redoubling efforts to push the General Assembly to act boldly in the interests of Connecticut’s families and communities this session.

Together we have identified three key issue strategies to advance a bold progressive agenda for CT – and agenda we believe will affirm and build a CT That Works for ALL- not just the few.

First- we will be unified in our defense of the below core issues- understanding that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Second- we will be vigilant in advancing long-term aspirational goals that will create a CT that truly works for all

Third, we provide specific issues that have been identified by DUE Justice individuals and organizations as top priorities to be voted upon during the 2018 legislative session.

DUE Justice organizations will judge the commitment of the General Assembly and its members to governing on behalf of Connecticut’s communities and families based upon how they work to advance, and how they vote upon, these critical priorities.

Good Jobs & A Fair Economy

Great Public Education – from pre-K through college

Quality affordable health care

Democracy & fair Government

Download the Vision Statement here.

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