Fight to the finish with #Fight4HER

How do you plan to step up with #Fight4HER in the 2020 election?

This is going to be a historic election year and it is up to us to elect #Fight4HER candidates up and down the ballot who are going to fight for global reproductive freedom in Congress. Let us know how you can help us Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for #Fight4HER champions!

Whether you have 1 hour or 10 hours a week, we have opportunities for you to get involved. Looking for a leadership role? We have those too!

If you only have 1-2 hours a week we can set you up as a #Fight4HER Defender and you'll spend your time connecting with voters via text and phone calls. In a razor thin election every conversation counts.

A #Fight4HER Leader is someone who has 3-5 hours a week. You'll work with our organizer to connect with voters, your network, and friends and family to educate and recruit people into virtual voter contact parties.

Want to give your all? Sign up to be a #Fight4HER Hero and work with our organizer to build your own team of grassroots activists hungry make a difference in the election. You'll recruit and train a team to make contact with key voters in this election cycle.

Excited yet? Sign up now!

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