Tell legislators to #FixCT4Everyone - Sign the Pledge

Sign the pledge and tell legislators to #FixCT4Everyone.

Pledge signatures will be delivered to the Capitol at the start of the 2017 legislative session.

We'll make sure your voices are heard!!!

Connecticut needs a fair and stable economy -- one that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

We need to invest in regular, everyday workers so that they become stronger participants in our economy.  And wealthy people and big businesses must pay their fair share -- because when they don’t the rest of us pay more.

[+] Here's the problem - We rely too much on massive corporations to fix our economy.

And it results in them having too much control over government in our state, made worse by their spending on lobbyists and now elections. And here’s what we get:

• Lower workplace standards workers and families, slow wage growth, and rules that help big business but put small businesses at a disadvantage.

• Bad tax breaks and subsidies that contribute to budget battles year after year. This year, tax breaks and amounted to $7.2B dollars. That’s 70% more than in 2000.1 That’s money we would have for education, roads, small business assistance and all other things that actually help our communities.


[+] Here's the solution - Fix Connecticut by investing in our workforce

Our economy is lopsided. Regular, everyday taxpayers pay more than ten times the taxes paid by corporations. We must invest in our workforce - not large corporations. Here's how:

  • Invest in Low/Middle Income Families: Expand paid sick days, paid family medical leave and retirement security legislation, pass fair scheduling laws to guarantee rest periods and provide more work predictability, and increase the minimum wage to $15 and end the sub minimum wage for tipped workers

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Expand “ban the box” legislation to protect job applicants from inaccurate background checks

  • Fair Economy: Implement a progressive tax system obligating wealthy residents and large corporations to pay their fair share

  • Workers’ Rights: Support the right to collectively bargain

  • Family-centered Immigration Reform: Support immigration reform that keeps families together, provides fair access to affordable, quality education for all students including Dreamers, and acknowledges the rich contribution to our society and economy

  • Equal Access to Education: Tuition-free community college, ending the privatization and corporatization of all schools, and just public investment in our education system at all levels

  • Equal Access to Healthcare: Expand healthcare access and end the corporatization of healthcare

Paid for by CT Working Families Campaign Committee, Tim Sullivan, Treasurer. This is a message from Connecticut Working Families Party.