Four for Ward 4 - Squad up!


Due to COVID-19, nearly all of DC's June 2nd primary election will be conducted by mail-in ballot. To help make sure everyone has what they need to vote this year, we’re asking Janeese supporters to find three other Ward 4 voters and form a Four for Ward 4 squad. Squad leaders, help your squad members do the following 4 tasks:

  1. Make sure everyone in the squad is registered as a Democrat in Ward 4

  2. Make sure everyone requests a mail-in ballot for the June 2nd Primary by May 26th

  3. Text your squad reminders to make sure they mail in their vote!

  4. Get one or more of your squad members to form another squad

Here are instructions to help you get started and form your own Four for Ward 4. Ready to get started? Sign up here and we'll keep you informed with up-to-date voting information and remind you to keep your squad on track.

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