From Poverty to a Good Society

Official Launch event for Poverty 2nd ed. by Ruth Lister (member of the House of Lords, Emeritus Professor at Loughborough University, and vice-chair of the Compass Board).

Friday 5th February 6.00pm to 7.30pm – on Zoom

Why does a society that is so rich accept so many people living in poverty? What does it mean for those who suffer and crucially what are we to do about?

Join us for an evening of discussion, questions, ideas and proposals and to formally celebrate the launch of Ruth Lister’s new book – the second and long-awaited edition of Poverty.

Ruth will outline the key arguments of the book and will respond to questions and reactions from Barry Knight, co-Chair of the Compass Board and author of Rethinking Poverty.

Barry will then host a wider discussion with Ruth and an amazing panel that consists of:  

  • Mary O'Hara, Author and Journalist whose latest book is The Shame Game
  • Mubin Haq, CEO Standard Life Foundation
  • Professor Francesca Klug, leading human rights campaigner and LSE academic
  • Bea Roberts, ATD Fourth World
  • Kate Green MP, Shadow Education Secretary and child poverty spokesperson

It is critical we get the political strategy for a society without poverty right. That means how we frame the debate, including through human rights and dignity and recognition & respect, and how we build coalitions for change in society and politics, not least with people who experience poverty at the forefront of the campaigns and the decisions.

Everyone who shares that desire is warmly welcome to be part of this special launch event.

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