Fund Our Future Continues Fight

We won. We have achieved a tremendous victory for students and our communities with the passage of the Student Opportunity Act. But this fight is not over.

While the Student Opportunity Act is now law, lawmakers have taken no action to address the problem of underfunding at our public colleges and universities through the Cherish Act.

We also have to organize in our local communities to make sure that administrators and local officials spend these funds in a way that centers the most marginalized students and ensures that public schools are resources that empower parents, families, and the community.

We won the Student Opportunity Act by standing together on schoolyards, in town halls, on Boston Common, and at the State House making our demands clear. We need to keep organizing and keep fighting to secure our wins in our public schools and make sure we see action on the funding crisis in our public colleges and universities.

Please sign up on this form and please join us at the Fund Our Future Bootcamp in Boston on December 14th, and at the upcoming Fund Our Future Bootcamp in Springfield in January.

If you have any questions about the Bootcamps or the Fund Our Future campaign, please email Charlotte Kelly at

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