G7, We are All Crew

Will you join us to #DisruptG7?

This June 7 people will sit in a room deciding the future of our planet. They do not speak for us and they do not speak for those on the frontlines of the raging climate crisis. This cannot continue, we will not let them. Animal Rebellion is going to G7.

We are in the middle of a Climate and Ecological Emergency, yet our so called “leaders” are not taking the necessary action. We must act now.

We need wide-scale, drastic systemic change, including transitioning towards a just and sustainable plant-based system.

Together we are powerful. Together we can create the change we need and build a better future that prioritises all living beings and the welfare of our planet over profit.

We need all hands on deck. We need you. No matter what your skill set, there is a place for you.

Please join us by volunteering to take on a role for G7.  We can't do this without your passion and dedication to create a better world that is just and sustainable for all.

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