Get Human Coalition’s anti-abortion fake clinics off North Carolina’s payroll!

The Honorable Roy Cooper
Governor of North Carolina

The Honorable Josh Stein
North Carolina Attorney General

The Honorable Mandy Cohen
Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
Complaint Intake Unit

Mr. David A. King, Director of the Office of the Internal Auditor
Department of Health and Human Services

Dear Governor Cooper, Attorney General Stein, Secretary Cohen, and Mr. King:

I believe that there should be no coercion involved in healthcare, and I firmly stand against religious indoctrination being subsidized by the state. I am therefore outraged by the recent grantees of North Carolina’s “Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship,” which has paid the anti-abortion fake clinic chain Human Coalition $600,000 over two years to promote and provide their anti-abortion services in the state.

Human Coalition’s president and senior staff have a record of racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, and other insensitive remarks, and they have been known to change the name of the fake clinics they operate to evade detection of the women they aim to trick out of procuring abortions. The state is very likely paying them to promote religion using their characteristic tactics of shame and deception about abortion, none of which should be present in a healthcare setting.

I am joining the Campaign for Accountability, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, and Reproaction in calling for the state North Carolina to terminate its grant contracts with Human Coalition and investigate if payments made to the organization directly subsidized their religious ministry work.


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