Get the Medical Mentorship for Youth Living with HIV Toolkit & Guide

We’re excited to launch a new toolkit on Medical Mentorship for Young People Living with HIV! Can you fill out the form on the right-hand side to get the Toolkit and materials to help you promote it on social media.

Why is this important? Young people living with HIV typically enter adult care by the age of 25, but that is the time they are most likely to stop getting the care they need. They’re worried about confidentiality, whether they’ll be trusted in adult settings, and stigma. All of these compound, and they fall out of care.  

So how do we solve it? Medical mentorship programs have been recognized as an effective strategy to support young people living with HIV build self-management skills and continue to engage in care. Mentors support them by connecting personally, providing information and guidance, and sharing experiences. We just need health care providers, HIV & AIDS organizations, and leaders and activists on the ground to be able to provide the guidance mentors need. That’s where the Medical Mentorship Toolkit comes in.

Share it on Social Media: The Medical Mentorship Toolkit is a comprehensive tool featuring rubrics, templates, and modules designed to equip providers to better support young people living with HIV.   So we need YOU to help us get it to as many people as possible.

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