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So you want more housing in Napa and Solano?

And you want to be able to rent or own without spending over a third of your paycheck on housing?

We're going to give you easy, 2 minute ways to change the local politics.

You can have a real impact on our communities and this organization.

And you don't have to go to hour-long meetings and keep up with the news. We do that for you!

Join us if you hold one or more of the following controversial opinions:

  • Life is better when you can afford to live in the same community where you work
  • McMansions are not the only type of housing that people want to live in
  • Commuting more than 30 minutes is not your favorite hobby
  • California doesn't have to do the same thing it's been doing for 40+ years

Join the Napa-Solano YIMBY mailing list and you'll get an email a month with a quick and easy way to speak up for more housing and lower rent in our community.

This is good for anybody who lives, works or plays in Solano County or Napa County!