Forward WI Day of Action: Get Your Permission Slips!



On Thursday, June 13th, we are taking it to the streets of Burlington in the fight for quality and affordable care for every Wisconsinite.

Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support expanding Medicaid. (Over 70%, according to the Marquette University Law School Poll!) The people's voices are clear but many legislators won't take a position on the expansion. They aren't standing with us.


Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the leader of the Assembly Republicans. When asked if he would support expanding Medicaid, Vos said, “Not going to happen. No way. Never.”

It seems like our legislators are waiting for Vos' permission to listen to us, their constituents, so we are going to Vos' district to get permission slips for our legislators to vote with their constituents and #Fight4Medicaid!

Sign up here to join us on June 13th at 6pm in Wehmhoff Park, 416 E. Washington Street, Burlington, WI 53105.

We'll hear from legislators and speakers sharing personal stories about the importance of the Medicaid expansion and healthcare access. Then we will fill out permission slips for all the legislators refusing to stand with the people on the Medicaid expansion. See you there!