Green New Deal Forums – interest form

Green New Deal forums:

Green New Deal forums will be an opportunity for Sunrise hubs to grow membership and connect with all the people in your community who stand to benefit from a Green New Deal.

We’ll provide you with a sample agenda, videos, and other educational materials, which you can use out-of-the-box or adapt as needed based on your specific context.

In these forums, we will elevate the stories of people who stand to benefit from the Green New Deal and help everyone understand that the GND isn't about taking away cows or cars; it's about building things up and investing in the American people.

Partner training call:

Everybody stands to benefit for a Green New Deal, including people who you would not necessarily expect to see uniting behind an environmental cause or any other 'activist' cause.

In your community, there are people working on local agriculture, workforce training, programs to support returning citizens, renewable energy, community health programs, environmental cleanup, small businesses, educators and affordable housing. There are inventors and entrepreneurs working tirelessly to benefit their neighbors. The American people are ready to go on implementing a Green New Deal, but they only lack funding and support. Through its job guarantee program and other measures, the Green New Deal will offer that support and revitalize American community life.

Connecting with the types of groups named here takes some intentional outreach and relationship-building. Like any other aspect of organizing, it is a skill to be learned! Sign up to participate in a 3 part online training series to learn how to do this work.

NOTE: You do not need to be committed to host a forum in order to join the partnerships training.

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