Help 215 People's Alliance defeat Trump this November


215 People's Alliance is kicking off our Fall 2020 Election program and would love to have your help in reaching voters with our texting and calling sessions. Our work on this election is based on our goal of organizing and building people power. In order to do so, we need all hands on deck to get out the vote for Joe Biden to ensure Donald Trump exits the white house in shame.

Our vision for our election program also includes talking to voters about the issues and policies that we are passionate about such as Medicare for all, a living wage, labor rights, quality education and housing for all. This will allow us to spread our message for policies and values that reimagine a better and more just society.

We will be hosting text and phone banking sessions to reach out to voters during the evenings and weekends. Texting can be a fun and easy way to engage with people, and to build and strengthen our ties to communities. In light of our restrictions due to Covid, making phone calls will be important for us in order to build trust and have meaningful conversations with people.

A script will be provided for our outreach and if you’re new to using our texting service or making calls, training will be conducted in the beginning of our session and support will continue throughout our time together.