Help launch a new politics

There is a growing demand from many party activists and informed citizens not just for a new government but a new politics.

As it stands Labour contests every seat in the country. In the vast majority of places this makes sense, but in a small number of seats it doesn't.

These are the seats in which Labour cannot win but the Tories can lose.  

By always standing everywhere Labour splits the anti-Tory vote and denies scarce resources being deployed nearby where Labour can win.  

We are going to campaign for a small Labour Party rule change to allow local parties to decide whether to stand a candidate or not.

This will maximise the anti-Tory vote where Labour can’t win and maximise the vote where Labour can.

Such a local democratic decision makes a nonsense of the charge of ’stitch ups’. It is our voting system that stitches up votes and rewards candidates on small proportions of the vote – ensuring a government that doesn't represent the will of the people.

This is all about extending democracy to the grassroots so that local people decide where to stand - not party bureaucrats doing private deals.

We simply do not see what the point is of standing candidates in places that only help Tory candidates win.

Lib Dem and Green Party members already have this right. It’s Labour we need to shift.

We’ve got a plan, and now we need the power to build support in and around Labour. That’s you.

As a Labour party member, use the form to sign up today to build a grown-politics for a good society.

If you're not a Labour party member, sign the petition to build the pressure.

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