Hold bigots accountable: Pledge to counter-protest white supremacist, pro-Trump rallies


In Boston, 40,000 counter-protesters showed up to resist the handful of white supremacists who gathered at a “free speech” rally one week after Charlottesville. Counter-protesters outnumbered hateful bigots 40 to 1 - and it had an impact.

After seeing those incredible numbers, 37 pro-Trump, anti-Muslim rallies scheduled for September 7 were canceled. It’s clear that showing up and resisting is working, and we need to keep that momentum going.

While 37 rallies were canceled, there will undoubtedly be more in the future. When those rallies are organized, we’ll be ready - join us to say you will stand up against white supremacy, Islamophobia, and hateful, pro-Trump rhetoric.

Sign our pledge: I will attend a counter-protest to hold racists and bigots accountable. We will update you on events near you.

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