Housing Justice Project Working Group Interest Form

The Housing Justice Project, CTDSA's housing working group, organizes to build a socialist understanding of housing and sees tenant struggle as essential in the fight to build socialism. We work to build working-class power through tenant organizing that improves conditions in our housing, decreases rents, and helps us move towards the socialist horizon of guaranteed housing for all and a world without landlords. Housing liberation means ending the commodification of housing under capitalism; ensuring democratically controlled, decarbonized, decommodified, abolitionist housing for everyone; and decoupling housing from the violent forces of racism, policing, displacement, and extraction.

The working group meets on the third Monday of each month for political education around housing issues and to discuss our ongoing organizing projects. Our past work has included winning Right to Counsel for Connecticut tenants, building tenant unions around the state, and bringing a rent control bill to the state (as part of the Cap the Rent coalition). If you're interested in getting involved, the monthly meeting is a great place to start! In the meantime, sign the form and an organizer will contact you!

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