I can support undocumented community members on Friday September 21st

ATTEND or offer RIDES for immigrant workers brave enough to speak out and tell their stories of wage theft and intimidation.

On Friday September 21st, human rights leaders from the New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice's Congress of Day Laborers will host a Vigil to Reclaim Dignity and Stolen Wages in a public park across the street from a site where a boss stole $700 from his immigrant workers and then called Kenner police on them twice to intimidate them.

Can you ensure that immigrant human rights leaders are able to tell their stories of wage theft and intimidation without being separated from their families?

Unlike New Orleans and the rest of Jefferson Parish, the Kenner police arrest (rather than simply ticketing) drivers who are unable to access Louisiana licenses. Those drivers are generally then transferred to ICE. We don't want to anyone to be endangered or separated from their family simply for attending an event in Kenner to prevent wage theft.

5:00 pm: Start pick-ups at homes or meeting spot (TBA)
6:30 pm: Vigil program starts at 3500 Arizona Avenue
8:00 pm: Vigil ends, start drop-offs at homes or meeting spot (TBA)