I Pledge to Keep Fighting For Solar In Florida!

Floridians for Solar Choice LogoWe, the undersigned, pledge to keep fighting for good solar policy in Florida and keep our elected officials accountable to the voter mandate of more solar in the Sunshine State.


The future is bright for solar energy in Florida with the expansion of solar power already underway. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Floridians for Solar Choice army of grassroots supporters and volunteers, together we passed Amendment 4 in August 2016 and defeated the deceptive, utility-backed Amendment 1 in November 2016. Yet, threats to solar power remain, and it's time to gear up for our continuing solar battles.

Solar army: Are you ready to keep fighting? Sign the pledge to show your support for good solar policy in Florida.

The 2017 legislative session will be a very important time for us fighting for good solar policy. The implementation of Amendment 4 is a top priority as well as defending attacks on existing solar policy. We will be pushing back against the influence of the monopoly utilities and their high-paid lobbyists in Tallahassee. While the original Solar Choice petition for third party sales remains an option, (signatures are valid for a full two years from the date the petition is signed) implementation of Amendment 4 and defending threats to solar power will be our top priority the next few months. In order to make sure the Sunshine State continues to have a sunny solar future, we will need all of you to help remind our elected officials that the people of Florida demand fair and accessible solar! Stay tuned for simple ways that you will be able to participate and reach out to your elected officials in 2017. Our continued success will not be possible without you!
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