I Pledge to Vote Early


We made history when we passed Early Voting earlier this year, and our first chance to vote early in New York begins on October 26! Do you pledge to Vote Early?

Make a plan to Vote Early:
  1. Where will you Vote Early? Find your Early Voting Poll Site HERE.
  2. What day will you Vote Early? You can vote EARLY any day between Saturday, October 26 through Sunday, November 3 or on Election Day! (Yes, that DOES include Halloween!)
  3. What time will you Vote Early? Early Voting times vary day to day and county by county. Find yours HERE.
  4. Who will you Vote Early with? Will you be taking your kids? Will you make a party out of it and voting with friends? Will you head to the polls with your classmates, workmates, church or neighbors? Savoring the ease of Early Voting alone? Whoever you choose to vote with, let's celebrate the first ever chance to vote early in New York!
Pledge to vote early TODAY!
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