I support the LGBTQ Bill of Rights!


As Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative David Cicilline begin to write a comprehensive LGBTQ equality bill, we need to make sure that the bill is *truly* comprehensive. In order to do that, GetEQUAL has created an LGBTQ Bill of Rights -- a guiding document, created with the input of thousands of LGBTQ folks across the country, that lays out what the community really needs:

1. Equal access to public accommodations and public facilities

2. Employment protections

3. Flexibility in securing/changing forms of identification in public/private records

4. Fair and equal treatment within the justice system without police harassment, profiling or brutality

5. Affordable and inclusive access to healthcare access and service

6. Equal access to safe, affordable housing

7. Equal and humane treatment in immigration without detention or deportation, and with adequate asylum provisions

8. Equal access to family planning and formation

9. Safe schools with inclusive curriculum

10. Marriage equality in all states, districts, and territories

Add your name as a supporter of the LGBTQ Bill of Rights to show Congress that we need *full* LGBTQ equality, not just more of the same piecemeal equality that we've gotten for decades. And you can see the full LGBTQ Bill of Rights, including stories from the community, at our new website www.NoAsterisks.org!

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