Save the date: I want to March for Healthcare Justice this July (27th-30th)!

March for Healthcare Justice - cover photo

We need Medicare for All but it is going to take an organized mass movement to make it happen. Marches, rallies, die-ins, and occupations are mass actions that can bring together thousands of people. They show our strength as a movement, and they provide an open invitation for folks who may have never taken action before to get involved.

This July, Medicare for All Everywhere will be honoring Medicare's 58th birthday by getting out in the streets and voicing our demands for all to hear the weekend of July 27th-30th.

We are hoping to hold events in as many US cities as possible. Here are the cities in which we currently have an organizer planning an event for:

  • Seattle - (Date TBA)
  • Boston - (7/29)

Please let us know if you are interested in organizing an event in a city near you! We can provide you with the support you need to make the event happen successfully!