I'm Going to Collect My Cousins


I'm down for Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)'s strategy and action  to 'collect our cousins' to impact the election and organize white voters for the long haul. In order to dismantle white supremacy and to take on the business of usual of violence against people of color, we must disrupt the norm through which white communities uphold the status quo.    When we break away and join movements for justice, this can help tip the balance of power and win real change. For too long, those at the top have relied on the silence of white folks to keep things as they are — and then we all lose. Our work is to organize in our own communities to bring more white people into struggles for justice, and to support the efforts led by people of color. We'll be phone banking every Thursday night from 6-9, will you commit to join us?

Form by
Hayden Hayden Mora
WASHINGTON, District of Columbia