Injustice Acions roles

When you fill out the form you will be contacted to confirm your involvement, we will give you more information and confirm your availability on the date of the action. It might take up to a week since you fill out the form.

The high-risk of arrest role is action specific and we cannot provide more details on the form. For all the high-risk roles you will need to be vouched for by your local or affinity group.

Any questions, email

Description of the injustice Rebellion actions:

Injustice Actions during the Rebellion

Walk of Shame 4th Sept, 11am, Bank of England

Climate justice and social justice are both compromised by the ongoing actions of corporations and institutions across the world. They pollute our environments, steal land and water, impoverish communities and further exploit the most vulnerable across the world.

We’ll be marking these places out as we march through London Town, with speeches at key locations, putting the eye of the world on them and their structural malpractices as we pass.

Royal Disappointment 8th Sept

Join us to take action against one of the largest fossil fuel corporations who’s history of exploitation includes execution, crimes against humanity, inhumane treatment and arbitrary arrest and detention. This action aims to highlight the injustice happening around the world how how genocide and ecocide are deeply connected.

Stand up and rise up to hear the voices affected by this exploitative corporation in a dynamic creative action with striking visuals.

REDRESS: Repair! Rewear! Rebel! 9th Sept

Do you see injustice in the fashion industry? Let alone huge carbon footprint, high street and designer fashion brands are notoriously associated with exploitation of people and animals both abroad and in the UK.

Join our pop us repair workshops, Wed 9 September, locations TBA

Sucking the Wold Dry 10th Sept

We cannot solve the climate and ecological emergency without stopping corporations like Coca-Cola from systematically abusing human rights, destroying the environment and stealing resources from the Global South. Multinational corporations like Coca Cola exploit Black and Brown people to channel profit into America, Europe and other Rich Nations.

Walls of Death (date tbc)

We cannot solve the climate and ecological emergency without tackling the havoc mining, oil wells, industrial scale agriculture and war. They all have played havoc with ecosystems, changing the face of the globe and directly leading to the climate and ecological emergency- Millions of people are forced to migrate to escape starvation and violence. In order to solve the climate and ecological emergency we must stop these destructive practices and stand together with migrants against what is happening.

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