Interest in financially support for full-time volunteering for the October Rebellion

If you want to work full time as a part of the XR London region but need financial support to do so, please submit a claim for Volunteer Living Expenses (VLE).

XR doesn't have as much money as people think, especially not XR London. However we all feel that it is vital  that we support activists who are committed to the movement and unable to volunteer their time without financial support, not least to make the movement accessible to those with different access to material resources. It is important to note that VLE is for basic and essential living expenses.

Unfortunately we won't be able to support everyone who needs assistance and will have to make judgements based on commitment to XR and demonstrated need.

It is especially important that volunteers are able to commit to full time work (above 30 hours a week) as soon as possible until the end of October.

There are a few criteria advised by the XR UK Finance working group:

1.   The volunteer has completed a volunteer agreement, relating to the publication of any claims for support.

2.   The volunteer is making an essential contribution to the operation of XR.

3.   The volunteer demonstrates a requirement for support in meeting his or her costs of living.

4.   Prior approval for the expense was obtained from a Budget Holder, in accordance with the Five Step Check.

5.   VLE requests should be reassessed by the team every 3 months, or sooner if the situation changes.

6.   Where possible, the volunteer should have been taking an active part in the team for at least two months.

XR London is organised by a handful of volunteers, we are trying to be as fair and transparent as possible with the grubby process of money handling. None of us have particular expertise here and we are doing our best. Please forward any feedback on the process to, we welcome advice and support.

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