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Are you ready to play your part in the rebellion?

Our planet is burning! Politicians will not accept that this global crisis needs systemic change. So from 10am on the 7th October, and lasting at least two weeks, we begin our biggest Rebellion yet. Its set to be the biggest act of nonviolent civil disobedience in British history. Thousands of rebels will peacefully shut down all roads into Westminster, London to push the government to act truthfully.

Each day we see more evidence that ecological breakdown is happening faster than predicted. The next 18 months will be critical in determining whether we can avert the most devastating impacts, which is why we’ll be taking to the streets across the world.

We call all citizens to stand up and be counted NOW.

If you’re joining us to rebel in London we encourage you to take an active part in this rebellion so please sign up to help with organisation and planning by completing this form.

Please tell us if you’ve got relevant skills or experience as we’re keen to put them to good use! The information you provide will enable us to prepare properly and, most importantly, to maximise the impact of the rebellion.

Full briefing and FAQs for the rebellion.

See you on the streets of London!

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