Interviews with the West of England (WECA) Metro Mayor Candidates

Can we get a Metro Mayor who will support progressive policies?

Compass Bristol and West invites you to three separate events, one for each of the progressive West of England Combined Authority candidates – for the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Labour Party.

Candidates will have 10 minutes to put forward their vision for the region. Then the chair will ask them their views on Compass priorities: the Green New Deal, Progressive Alliance, electoral reform and basic income.

Then we will open up to a Q&A session for the last 30 minutes.

Tuesday 13th April 7–8pm

Labour Candidate Dan Norris, former MP for Wansdyke, 1997–2010

Chaired by Shona Jemprey, Momentum National Co-ordinating Group and Bristol Council Candidate, May 2021

Wed 14th April 7:30-8.30pm

Green Party Candidate Cllr Jerome Thomas, Councillor for Clifton ward and Deputy Leader of the Bristol City Council Green Group

Chaired by Artemis D Bear, co-founder of UBI Lab Bristol and education activist

Thurs 15th April 7-8pm

Lib Dem Candidate Stephen Williams, former MP for Bristol West, 2005–2015

Chaired by Claire Young, Councillor for Frampton Cotterell ward and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Compass Bristol and West holds monthly member meetings and runs public events. Email to find out more.

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