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The main current message of FFF International: Those in power continue to only deliver vague and empty promises for far off dates that are much too late. What we need are not meaningless goals for 2050 or net-zero targets full of loopholes, but concrete and immediate action in-line with science. The climate crisis is already here and will only get worse...

I. Events and actions

Hear the fantastic song Bella Ciao (please copy this link, with new lyrics to inspire the global climate movement. At times, this link works.

Please sign the Petition for the Leaders’ Summit on Climate. The Summit takes place 22 and 23 April. FFF groups including MAPA (Most Afflicted People and Areas) will present signatures to Summit Leaders. This powerfully worded statement should raise eyebrows!

Wednesday, 16 June by mutual agreement, join a zoom FFF orientation meeting. Ask questions. Get inspired to take action. Get more details and the link: sign up here and give a suggested time.

Thursday, 17 June, the 11th Hour for Climate. Join the 1 minute protest wherever you are. Get information and register your event on the FFF global map.

Thursday, 17 June, almost anytime, take the 7.6 Pledge. Find out more here. Register your event on the FFF global map.

Thursday, 17 June, 9:00 and 17.30 Central European Time. How can I use FFF Action Network to grow your local group? by mutual agreement of time and place. How can I create and launch a local petition and use it to organize, not just gather signature? This covers a basic introduction. Get information and sign up here. If you sign up we will be there!

Saturday, 26 June. FFF Australia  sets ANTI-FOSSIL FUELS ACTION DAY PROGRAM. FFF Australia  has planned and prepared an online, extensive, free teach-in called the“Protect Our Future From Fossil Fuels Global Day of Action”. You can submit videos for the event or simply join on 26 June. Find out more at this link.

FFF Calendar: Urge others to visit this FFF Calendar to take Action! Recommend coming global actions including a climate action of the month.

II. Times: The times given above are for a specific location. This location may not match your location. Please check carefully. Search Google with: what is 20:00 Central European time in my city of 'x'.

III. Training Material: Select materials here useful to organizing FFF trainings.

IV. Use FFF petitions "inspiring" authorities to come forward to declare a climate emergency. Sign online or download a hardcopy in one of several languages

VI. Volunteer: Sign up Step 1: Volunteer form.

Step 2: Sign the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) agreement of understanding.

Step 3: Sign the Local core values statement .
Step 4: Sign the Trainer form.
Our Climate needs you to make your voice heard. FridaysforFuture runs solely on volunteers and needs your work.

VII. Announcements:

- Weekly Strikes which have no reporting for 3 months will be assumed to have stopped.

Note: this information does change without notice, please sign up to each event for notifications.

Thank you for all you do to reduce the Climate Crisis!

AN FFF USA , other local FFF groups, the FFF AN Calendar team.

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