RSVP for "It's Bloody Complicated: Belonging, Place and the Nation"


Tuesday 23rd February, 6.00pm to 7.15pm, on Zoom

Nationalism is not going away: the rise of right-wing populism shows us that. What then is to be done? Should we try to confront the right with our own, more progressive, version of nationalism or patriotism? Or should we abandon these terms and instead try to build something else?

Join us for this special edition of the live podcast It’s Bloody Complicated, as we launch Belonging, Place and the Nation, a new publication from Compass that addresses the tensions that have prevented progressives from constructing successful alternative narratives to right-wing nationalism.

We’ll be joined by an amazing panel, consisting of:

  • Clive Lewis, Member of Parliament for Norwich South
  • Francesca Klug, academic and advocate for human rights
  • Stuart White, Associate Professor of Politics at the University of Oxford

This special edition of It's Bloody Complicated is open to all. For access to all other live podcast recordings, join Compass today.

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