It's Bloody Complicated: Episode 4 with Ruth Lister

Join us on 14 April 2020 at 6:00pm for an all-member call. This week we'll be talking with Ruth Lister – the outgoing Chair of the Compass Board.  Ruth has spent her life researching, writing and advocating for the type of good society we all stand for.

Ruth has put the fight against inequality at the heart of her political life, from running the Child Poverty Action Group to campaigning for asylum and refugee rights. She is a world-renowned academic and feminist campaigner and we're lucky that she's been a supporter, champion and key thinker at Compass for so long.

From her seat in the House of Lords we'll hear her take on the present crisis, the state of Labour and hopes of a progressive alliance in the UK.

It should be fascinating and because it's Ruth, it will be heartwarming.

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