Janus Solidarity Petition

The Koch brothers, the DeVos family and other wealthy, anti-union corporate interests are attempting to use the Supreme Court to try to take away our voice and our union.

In swift sequence, once Trump’s nominee to the court, Neil Gorsuch, was confirmed, anti-union activists moved the Janus case onto the docket, confident of the outcome in light of Gorsuch’s long history of siding with corporations over workers.

The current ideological composition of the court suggests that one person’s complaint—without any evidence of harm—could undermine the interests of millions of workers by depriving their unions of the funds they need to function. That’s not an unintended consequence—it’s the entire point of these assaults on unions. Unions fight for a better life for working people; and the right wing sees that as a threat.

The union is our vehicle to fight for a better life for people; unfortunately, the funders of the Janus case see that as a threat to their power.

The Koch brothers and their allies committed $80 million to “defund and defang” unions last year. And then they used their massive tax breaks to increase that spending to $400 million to “break” teachers unions and go after public education and public services. The same wealthy forces that are attacking our unions are the ones trying to defund and destabilize public education and erode and suppress the right to vote. They are targeting every vehicle we have to enable opportunity and voice for working people and kids.

Our opponents may have gazillions of dollars, but we have people. Join us Monday on the steps of the Supreme Court to fight back against these attacks on our rights.

As a union, we care, we fight and we show up. We fight for great public schools; for economic opportunity and security; for healthcare, so nobody has to be one illness away from bankruptcy; and for a secure retirement. We fight for our democracy and for a society that is safe, welcoming and sane—and that means fighting against hatred and bigotry in all forms. We fight for jobs, justice and freedom for all.

Stand in solidarity with workers fighting to protect their unions.

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