Join Forward Wisconsin & Fight for the Medicaid Expansion


70% of Wisconsinites agree -- Wisconsin needs the Medicaid expansion. Accepting the full expansion would lower health care premiums for everyone by 7-11%, save our state over $300 million, trigger $1.6 billion in new federal dollars invested in our health care system, and increase everyone’s access to affordable, quality care.

But for it to succeed, your legislators need to hear your voice.Despite overwhelming support from across the state, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he will not accept the Medicaid expansion, saying, “Not going to happen. No way. Never.” Without your voice, he and the legislative Republicans will ignore their campaign promises and vote the expansion down.

These leaders are out of touch with the people of this state. It's time to move Wisconsin forward. Let's make it clear that Wisconsin is watching, and we won't accept anything less.

Sign up and join the Forward Wisconsin movement. We're working in neighborhoods across the state to bring the Medicaid expansion home.

You'll get updates from leading legislators, activists, and people from across the state on why the Medicaid expansion is important and how we can get the #Fight4Medicaid to get it through the legislature.

You'll also get invitations to organizing events online and in communities all over Wisconsin, including toolkits to help build the conversation in your hometown and keep the pressure on legislators to pass the Medicaid expansion and the People's Budget.

It's time to #Fight4Medicaid. Will you join us?