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Ready to join this badass movement for our right to vote led by young people, for young people? Good, because we want you to join too. In fact, we need you to join, because this is an all hands-on-deck operation. Whether it’s participating online or sparking a GenVote Hub in your city or a Team on your campus, there are different ways that you can plug into the movement:

Our movement is driven by our GenVote Teams and Hubs. Teams and Hubs have the same autonomy within the organization. The only difference is their membership and where they are started.

GenVote Teams are sparked by students at a specific institution (i.e. high school, college/university). Membership for teams is usually limited to just the institution and campus. For example, your team can be named GenVote @ NYU or GenVote @ SUNY-Albany!

GenVote Hubs are sparked by young people or allies in a city or county. Membership is city/county-based and open to all members of the public (but still youth-led). If applicable, GenVote Teams are usually part of their city or county’s larger Hub. For example, your Hub can be named GenVote @ NYC or GenVote @ Harris County!

We believe that it’s up to our generation to achieve a truly multiracial and just democracy for all people in this country. Will you join us?

Once you've filled out the form, a GenVote staff member will contact you with next steps!

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