Join IJV, Donate without a credit card


To become an IJV member, you must agree to IJV’s membership criteria, rights and principles. Please complete the form on the right side below the contact info.

IJV's dues are a minimum of $18 year, ( $180 suggested).

To DONATE ONLY, please fill in on the right, below the contact info, "I am paying by:", and the "Amount". You do not have to fill in the other questions.

You can make a donation any of these ways:

- Authorizing an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank or credit union account to IJV (minimum $5/month). Fill out and mail this authorization form to IJV (address on the form). **We prefer this method as it sustains us with a reliable monthly budget.**

- E-Transfer online from your bank or credit union account to IJV. Send amount to this email: Do not enter a secret answer.

- Mail a cheque to Independent Jewish Voices Canada to

Independent Jewish Voices
PO Box 75372, Leslie Street PO,
Toronto, ON - M4M 1B0

- Credit card, please go to this form here.

Questions about any of this? Please email me at: