Join Know Your IX's Campus Action Network (IX-CAN)!

The Campus Action Network is a space where student activists across the country can connect with one another to talk about organizing strategies, policy ideas, and critical legislation to end gender-based violence and discrimination in schools. Student activists will be able to collaborate with one another to support actions, share resources, and build a more unified national movement to end sexual and domestic violence on campus and beyond! Most importantly this space is created FOR students BY students.

Furthermore, IX-CAN will provide a great opportunity for folks to tune into trainings on varying organizing strategies, connect with press, and receive technical assistance on organizing campaigns from the Know Your IX team. This year especially, we'll be focused on moving proactive state policies to mitigate the harms of Betsy's new Title IX rule. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the tools, resources, and connections for successful change-making.

IX-CAN is open to all high school, undergraduate, and graduate level students. If you are a student activist that is interested in joining this private group, please fill out this form.

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