Join our Design Superteam

Are you a graphic design wizard who has the ability and capacity to support groups taking local action in their communities? Are you passionate about saving the planet and want to put your expert skills toward a good cause? 

Join a trusted environmental organization and become a force for good!

About the Future Ground Network

Future Ground Network supports local groups who are organizing to secure  healthier  lived environments  and more sustainable communities. The most effective change begins locally, alongside others in our community with whom we  share common values.

Joining the network allows community organizers to share best practices with one another, find inspiration, and work together to achieve common goals. The network provides a wealth of tools, resources, and wisdom  to amplify the work of local groups and help communities  build a better future from the ground up.  

Future Ground Network is powered by the David Suzuki Foundation. You can learn more about us at

Volunteer Role Description

Position Title:  Graphic Design Support

Terms:  6 months, 1-2hrs/wk

Location: Your home office

Reporting to:  Future Ground Network Coordinator

About the role:

We are currently looking for someone with strong graphic design experience to join our Future Ground Network Superteam.

In this role, you’ll work independently to support grassroots groups taking action in their communities that need support with graphic design for posters, brochures and other online media to promote their initiatives. You have great interpersonal skills, are able to work independently and deliver content in a timely manner. You are willing to use Slack as a primary channel of communication.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Work together with group leads as needed to determine the scope of a project
  2. Create visual elements such as logos, original images, and illustrations to help deliver the desired message
  3. Present design concepts to group leads and incorporate recommended changes into final designs


  • At least one year of graphic design experience.
  • At least one year of experience working collaboratively online.

We recruit Superteam members approximately every six months. If you are not recruited to join the team this round, please be patient and be sure to apply again as we can only accommodate so many volunteers at one time.