Join Reclaim Cardiff!

Hands off our city  

Cardiff belongs to its people, not profit-hungry developers. We are here to say that we will not continue to be cut out of decisions over the development of our local areas, green spaces, and cultural heritage. We need change before the city changes forever.

We demand:

  1. Create a Cardiff land fund allowing communities to purchase local heritage or green sites, just like Scotland has done.

  2. Reject all applications to build on greenfield sites, by implementing the biodiversity duty in the Environment Act

  3. Give Councillors a free vote to choose an independent Chair of the Planning Committee - no party political stitch ups.

  4. Help communities challenge the unfair power of developers. Give communities a real voice in the planning process and make community objections a legally valid reason for rejecting developments.

If you agree, add your name to this record of support for Reclaim Cardiff, and we will be in touch to tell you how to help.